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The music video for CONTINUUM SHIFT was assembled using live footage from one of the most amazing festivals we have played so far:

Rock Harz Open Air in July 2014. So freaking awesome we have yet to find an experience similar to this! Edited by Mirko Witzki.

The music video for TELLTALE NOTION was shot in January 2014. We are more than happy to have won Mirko Witzki who belongs to the most talented young video artists from our region. It was freezing cold but we had one hell of a good time!

Official Lyric Video featuring the song BEAUTY IN PASSING, taken from the 2014 release The Black Wild Yonder.

A really smooth lyric video for EVER AFTER, one of our most highly anticipated songs so far. Put together by Alexander Otto himself using footage of one of his photography trips to Portugal.

THE GREAT ESCAPE - Official Lyric Video. Also shot by Alex himself on one of his photography trips to Portugal. The video was released shortly after the official Immersion album release.

One of our first official Youtube uploads and also the song that got us a record deal with one of Germany's major record labels! Taken from the 2012 release Immersion, SORAE still makes crowds go absolutely nuts! 

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